We will meet or beat any toner pricing that includes service and travel fees by 5%.

The Environment


Comlink Lasercare is Environmentally Friendly


No matter how you look at it, being environmentally responsible makes sense, and at Comlink we take this responsibility seriously, with the firm belief that every little bit helps. 

Even though the industry we are a part of consumes large amounts of natural resources, with careful planning and the continual awareness to reduce needless waste to a minimum, we endeavor to play an active role in preserving our environment. 

Although we cannot dictate to our customers regarding conservation, we continually strive to practice what we preach by asking them to “Think Before You Print” to help reduce paper waste.

Within the realms of business practicality we also choose suppliers  that have similar ideals as we do, and in Micro Solutions Enterprises (MSE) we found the perfect partner.

There is over 500 million OEM or new toner cartridges manufactured every year, and this requires enormous amounts of resources. It takes approximately three and a half quarts of oil to make one toner cartridge, which equates to more than 75,000,000, that’s 75 MILLION gallons of oil to manufacture new toner cartridges each year.

Disposing of these cartridges is an even bigger disaster. Vast quantities of these empty cartridges end up in cities like Guiya, China  where the casings are destroyed to extract the residual metals. These processes contaminate the air, soil and groundwater to such an extent that one in ten children in the area are born with birth defects which are directly attributable to this pollution.

 By contrast, MSE reuses certain of these shells, together with their metal components to re-engineer them into their award winning products. MSE only uses original or OEM cartridges, and currently produce more than 200,000 replacement cartridges every month. Used MSE cartridges that are returned are broken down into their component parts and recycled.

Other vendors that have proven to take their environmental responsibilities seriously include Essendant and Depot. As our main  source of replacement OEM parts, Parts Now also offers a range of  remanufactured parts to compliment their OEM stock. Parts such as transfer belts and fusers are available should our customers request non-OEM parts.