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MPS Program

So what is MPS?


Depending on how far a company wants to take it, MPS can vary from a basic system to a complete restructuring of a company’s document output capabilities. In any of its forms it centralizes responsibility for all print devices, including service and supplies as well as consulting, and is achieved by installing a software program that is able to monitor all print devices. MPS can reduce hard copy document printing costs by 30% to 40%.

These cost savings are both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ costs, and include:

  • Lowering paper and toner usage
  • Decreasing energy consumption
  • Consolidating equipment / maintenance costs
  • Containing the use of color printing
  • Leveraging automation for remote diagnostics and other support functions
  • Company employees' time

Why even consider MPS?

For the same reasons that most companies do not service and maintain their own vehicles, there is an increasing awareness in business that not only is ‘in-house’ management of printers inefficient, it is also extremely costly. 

Ask any printer industry analyst and they will tell you that many companies spend between 3% and 6% of revenue on document processing, but typically this is very difficult to quantify as the costs are spread over so many budgets. Most notably these include I.T., facilities and purchasing, and no department wants to have their budgets cut or their responsibilities and authority diminished, so the waters stay very  muddy, and there is no single desk for the buck to stop at! 

MPS is not a magic wand, it requires that top management realize the situation as it exists now, and what it can achieve with the cooperation of all employees, for without this support it will never reach its full potential. 

To understand how MPS from Comlink Lasercare Inc., can manage your document output environment, contact us to make an appointment for a consultant to meet with you.